Bringing Wholeness to High Performance

Develop the whole athlete as the strategy for your competitive edge

Elite performance shouldn’t come at the expense of the individual. When the conditions are right, competition becomes a powerful catalyst for self-actualization.

When you are coaching at the highest levels, you’re always looking to create maximum impact in minimum time.

A game is so short. A season is so short. An athlete’s career goes by so fast. You need to help your team make the most of the brief time they have together.

Somehow, in this little window of time, you need to balance the needs of individual athletes, the performance of the team as a whole, the pressure to produce results, and the many competing demands of an elite program.

It’s a lot.

Let us help.

Thrive with the Evolveability Performance System:

  • Intentionally create conditions that lead to winning more games
  • Close the unspoken gap that exists between players and coaches
  • Strengthen player-to-player and coach-to-player relationships
  • Overcome the paralyzing fear of failure
  • Access elevated levels of flow state
  • Deepen personal satisfaction and emotional fulfillment

Our program is forever changed for the better after working with Evolveability.


Sarah helped take us from good to great in a very short amount of time, and the work we did with her coupled with the program’s first ever appearance in the NCAA Sweet 16 is an experience I will never forget. The very fabric of our program and culture was shaped by this work, and each year we look forward to continuing to grow and to integrate the concepts we learned to help our athletes become better leaders and better people.


— Amy Reed, RIT Head Women’s Basketball Coach, Senior Woman Administrator

When you create the conditions for optimal performance, you:

  • Win more games
  • Lead your athletes to their highest potential as individuals and as a team
  • Build a lasting legacy of achievement and success

This proven process is transformational for your athletes, your program, and the scoreboard.

It’s also life-changing for the coaches who walk through it with them. 

“The commitment and dedication displayed by Sarah was unprecedented. She worked with a sense of urgency, regularly pushing me as a coach to look at myself as a leader. She helped me create an environment of increased trust and improved player confidence and resiliency. Our ability to play at the top of our game during competitive adversity is a direct and primary result of our work together.”

Amy Reed

Head Women’s Basketball Coach, Rochester Institute of Technology

“I was so nervous for three years. One two-hour meeting with Sarah and everything changed and I was playing with a lot more confidence.”

Abby J.


“Through this process I realized we can do anything we want, even in life, if we work hard, train our minds and connect to the part of us that wants it.”

Jessica G.

Student-Athlete, All-Time Leading Scorer

“Watching the team play when they are in flow is so beautiful! It reconnects me to my love of the game.”

Elizabeth Masterson

Head Women’s Soccer Coach, Rochester Institute of Technology

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