Coaches & Athletes

The Evolveability process works to address challenges including a need for more-deliberate risk taking, achieving peak performance in high-pressure competition, bouncing back after loss and accessing untapped player and team potential. The approach we take is both experiential and transformative and is not about technical skill acquisition. We look at team culture and individual mindset as essential components of reaching next-level performance together.

A common misconception is that this process and program is one size fits all; it’s not. We create a custom program based on your needs, develop a highly-detailed curriculum and provide you with the necessary tools for success. It’s through our methodology that players will be able to clarify goals, identify performance barriers and accelerants and align more-deeply to their purpose and passion. This process also challenges coaches and team leaders to evolve crucial leadership practices to provide the conditions necessary for high performance.

Simply put, understanding how the mind influences performance, athletes (and leaders) gain skills that can deepen their presence and effectiveness in athletics and beyond.

What Clients are Saying

  • “The commitment and dedication displayed by Sarah was unprecedented. She worked with a sense of urgency, regularly pushing me as a coach to look at myself as a leader. She helped me create an environment of increased trust and improved player confidence and resiliency. Our ability to play at the top of our game during competitive adversity is a direct and primary result of our work together.”

    Amy R. Head Women's Basketball Coach, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • "I was so nervous for three years. One two-hour meeting with Sarah and everything changed and I was playing with a lot more confidence."

    Abby J. Student Athlete
  • "Watching the team play when they are in flow is so beautiful! It reconnects me to my love of the game."

    Elizabeth M. Head Women's Soccer Coach, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • "Through this process I realized we can do anything we want, even in life, if we work hard, train our minds and connect to the part of us that wants it."

    Jessica G. Student Athlete, All-Time Leading Scorer