Meet Our Team

Sarah Derrenbacher, Founder & CEO

Sarah is a leadership and performance strategist who advises, consults, and works hand-in-hand with entrepreneurs, executives, and sports teams in the areas of peak performance, leadership, organizational/team culture, and mindset.

Her expertise is in guiding leaders through high-risk/high-reward growth and development, expediting breakthrough moments, transforming individual and group mindsets, applying strategies to attain peak performance, and changing team/group culture. Sarah has built her expertise over 18 years of experience consulting with a wide-range of businesses, from small and mid-size to Fortune 500, and in advising administrators, head coaches, and teams across multiple sports and divisions in university athletics.

Sarah is a certified DISC behavioral analyst and HeartMath Add Heart Facilitator, and has studied with Dale Goldstein, Director of the Heartwork Institute, for the last 10 years in meditation and embodied inquiry. She believes passionately that there is a different way of achieving high performance—a way that doesn’t leave us feeling depleted and fatigued from the pressure to perform and instead can heighten our ability to go and grow beyond our limitations, bringing deeper meaning to our lives and skillful mastery of our craft.

Courtney Cooley, Director of Operations

Courtney’s extensive expertise has been built over 15+ years in process design, operations, project management, and finance. Her strategic and analytical approach to operational planning ensures efficiency and high-level client delivery.

Over her years of experience, Courtney has successfully led the development and launch of multiple knowledge-based initiatives within global organizations in the employee engagement, employee recognition, and HR software space. Her passion for research, creativity, and quality create an environment that is rich with insight.

Courtney’s high-level competence and depth of experience support the growth and development of Evolveability and our clients’ success.

Shelly Collins, Performance Strategist

Shelly served as a Varsity Coach at Victor High School for 33 years. Under her tenure, her teams amassed a record of 896-245, while earning 21 sectional titles, 10 trips to the New York State Final Four, and 4 NYS titles (in 2003, 2008, 2009, and 2018). Shelly was named the 2018 Softball Coach of the Year for NYS Class AA and All-Greater Rochester Softball Coach of the Decade for 2000-2019, and also has multiple volleyball/softball AGR Coach of the Year titles. Her teams won the 2017 and 2018 NYS Sportsmanship Team Award for Class AA at the state tournament. In addition, Shelly is frequently a keynote speaker at state and national conferences for physical education.

Shelly is a passionate advocate for positive, purposeful, and deliberate culture-building within a team setting. Her focus is around helping coaches understand the impact they have on student athletes every day at every encounter, and in helping them create environments that develop talent and results while also deepening trust, strengthening risk-taking, building confidence, and cultivating authenticity.

Shelly implements the Evolveability experience-based learning model to help clients maximize performance and improve their lives.

Isa Peczuh, Community Program Manager

Isa is an advocate for social-emotional learning for children in secondary schools. Her skills and passion around this type of learning within education and sports environments helps to deepen a child’s connection to athletics while also deepening their mental well-being and confidence. She aims to cultivate the potential in each child she works with and believes that social-emotional learning opportunities can lead to personal and academic growth for all children.

As a graduate from Vassar College with a Bachelor of Arts in Education and Psychology, Isa was also a member and two-year captain on the women’s basketball team. Under her leadership, the team set multiple program records, including a 16-game winning streak and an at-large bid into the NCAA tournament.

Isa is deeply connected to her purpose around creating a more equitable and holistic education system for students of all identities and backgrounds, and looks forward to sharing the Evolveability programming with younger athletes and community partners.