Achieve greater agility, adaptability,
and ease during uncertainty!

Leading Through Change

A five-week accelerated virtual training designed specifically for
coaches and administrators.

Program begins September 29!

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Ready to refuel your reserves while gaining access to the top mindset and tools needed to lead through the complexity and volatility of our current world?

We know there’s a lot on your plate right now! If you’re struggling with…

  • Canceled/postponed seasons
  • Navigating uncertainty and hypotheticals
  • Feeling an intensity and exhaustion with every decision you make
  • Managing the social/emotional well-being of your staff and athletes
  • Developing staff and athletes without competitions

All while managing…

  • Team culture and cohesiveness
  • Training and performance plans
  • The urgency of communicating on the regular with athletes, staff, parents, recruits, donors, and administrators!

We know you’re wanting some relief! Imagine what it would be like if you could experience…

More energy
as you shift out of operating from the “scramble.”

More vitality
from being able to identify and disrupt reactive/unproductive patterns of leading through change.

More agility
from confidence in your ability to adapt and respond to uncertainty.

More influence
through strengthening your focus on building connection and taking the “right action” during times of high stress.

More precision
in the speed, accuracy, and communication of your decisions.

More organizing power
using deep listening and meaningful questions to change the conversation.

More personal alignment
from building self-awareness and emotional mastery.

What if you could use this time as an opportunity to focus on building velocity in order to come back to 2021 competition stronger?

Guess what? You can!

We’ve designed a program specifically for you.

Leading Through Change

A five-week accelerated virtual training designed specifically for coaches and administrators.

Here’s what head coaches and administrators have to say about our programs:

“The Evolveability program provided a powerful lens into our performance training and game preparation, and helped strengthen our relationship between coaches and players.”

Head Coach, Women’s Basketball

“Sarah’s skills and insights are a powerful complement to the efforts of our coaches and student athletes. Evolveability’s tools and process have helped us recognize our barriers and break down the walls inhibiting our success.”

Executive Director of Athletics

“I’ve learned more from my work with Sarah than I have in 20 years of professional conferences.”

Head Coach, Women’s Basketball
Hobart & William Smith Colleges

“I look at my coaching career in two pieces now: before working with Evolveability and after. It is like a light switch was turned on for me and the athletes, and it keeps getting brighter!”

Head Coach, Women’s Soccer

How it works:

Leading Through Change is a 5-week interdisciplinary program that applies the principles of modern neuroscience, change management, and leadership development.

The program is uniquely designed to leverage cumulative growth week over week, building into more complex challenges as we go.

Each 60-minute session is packed with facts, evidence-based insights, and tangible ways to make the shift into a new way of thinking and leading.

You’ll walk away from each session with the most important, proven, high-impact tools and practices that can easily integrate into your daily routine for the remainder of the week. These are the smallest steps you can take to see real rewards. (We know how busy you are!)

What you’ll get:

  • Session workbooks, summaries, and recommended resources
  • Actionable tools, techniques, and daily practices to develop self, staff, and team
  • 5 virtual sessions, 60 minutes each, packed with everything you need to know
  • Tuesdays at 11:00 a.m. EST, September 29 through October 27
  • Access to a recording of each session for up to 24 hours
  • 30-minute strategy call with Sarah at the end of the program to apply learnings

And at the end of the five weeks, expect to walk away knowing…

  • The impact of COVID-related loneliness and isolation on your student-athletes
  • The 3 secrets to effectively communicating in a climate of crisis
  • How to engage your staff and athletes in meaningful conversations around current events
  • The #1 way to align your head, heart, and daily leadership practices
  • How to build/strengthen your leadership resiliency
  • 4 tips for creating positive, lasting change during times of chaos and uncertainty

About Sarah

Sarah Derrenbacher is a leadership and performance strategist with over 15 years of experience in management consulting, corporate communications, and guiding leaders through change. She advises executives, head coaches, and teams across multiple sports and divisions in university athletics in the areas of leadership, culture, and peak performance. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Sarah saw firsthand the incredibly severe impact on universities, coaches, teams, and student athletes. She developed the 5-week Leading Through Change program after seeing so many coaches struggling and feeling ill-prepared to handle the enormity of challenges and situations they’re suddenly facing. Sarah’s experience, passion, and proven results make her uniquely qualified to help coaches manage and create change for themselves, their staff, and their players.


How much is it? My budget is being squeezed/is tight/is low/is restrictive.

Our main focus in building Leading Through Change was YOU. We know budgets are extremely tight. And that meant doing what we needed to do to make it as accessible as possible to any coach who could benefit from it. We are psyched to be offering this for $495 per person (a $99/week investment!). As well, we are also offering discounts for groups and departments. Please inquire here.

My schedule is already full. How much time will this take?

The weekly sessions are 60 minutes. Outside of that, plan for 10 to 20 minutes a day, knowing the bulk of the tools, techniques, and practices will integrate into activities you’re already doing. We don’t expect you to find a ton more time in your day. Instead, we’ll set you up to use your time differently to get a better result.

I’m exhausted. Is this program going to add to my weekly responsibilities?

We’re in this with you. We know you’re already juggling priorities, audiences, and tasks week over week that sap your energy reserves. Leading Through Change was designed to fuel that reserve by creating a space for you to sit with the challenges and outside noise, learn from experts, share with like-minded people, and emerge with solutions that will work for you, your team, and your staff.

I’m interested in this program for myself, my department, my leadership team, etc. Is this only for college sports?

While this is specifically designed for coaches and university athletics, we absolutely know the program principles are highly applicable to other environments. Sarah’s track record in guiding leaders through transformational growth goes beyond athletics and includes corporate leadership and business owners. If you are looking to explore the possibility of bringing this program to your group, please inquire here. 

Everything is so crazy right now, how is this going to help me?

We can’t give you a calendar for when this is going to be over, but we can give you tools for improving your experience, creating change, and using this time wisely to create a stronger team and more focused efforts for a stronger 2021.