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Before change can happen around us, it must happen within us.

We are unique and dynamic human beings with an incredible ability, when harnessed, to perform at the highest level while influencing profound and meaningful change in our worlds.

This truth is at the heart of our one-on-one work. Through an integrative and highly personalized approach, we work across four distinct areas to help amplify growth: Mindset, Emotions, Behaviors, and Purpose.

Intentionally working within these areas allows us to powerfully guide you into your own unique solutions and pathway forward. Together, we’ll create opportunities to move beyond surface, situational changes and into deeply transformative shifts.

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Team Programs

Each team has a unique ecosystem.

That’s why we are fanatical about personalizing our performance system to your specific needs. We work hand-in-hand with the Head Coach, staff, and players around two key areas: Personal Performance and Relational Performance.

We also support coaches in transferring the necessary mindset onto the field and into the technical systems within their competitive environment. Through the Evolveability Performance System, players and coaches discover and transform their current performance challenges, while accessing higher levels of flow and creating the opportunity for long-term, sustainable success.

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Group Experiences

Let’s put together a transformative, engaging experience for you and your team.

We love customizing programs to help get you closer to where you want to be! From coaches’ roundtables to leadership programs to immersive, multi-day retreats — we are passionate about creating an unparalleled and dynamic experience for your group. In our intentionally designed environment, participants successfully break through individual and team barriers, open to new ways of approaching long-standing challenges, and deepen relationships as humans and as a team. And, if that isn’t enough — the results can be seen and felt almost immediately in a practice and game setting!

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Have an event you’d like us to speak at?

We love sharing Evolveability with new audiences through a healthy blend of storytelling, information, and interaction!

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