When you turn your challenges into breakthrough moments, everything changes, fast.

  • You build an intentional environment of resiliency, growth, and flow
  • You strengthen your program’s reputation for elite performance
  • You deepen relationships, cohesiveness, and buy-in
  • You develop the whole athlete to amplify your competitive edge
  • You find more joy and fulfillment as you build your legacy

You’ve got the team. They’ve got the talent. You know exactly what they are capable of, but it feels like a constant struggle to get them over the line.

What’s standing in your way?

  • Athletes struggling to actualize their potential
  • Difficulty sustaining consistent team performance
  • A lack of personal ownership and leadership from athletes
  • A paralyzing fear of failure
  • A feeling of having to manage energy and effort
  • Loss of the spark of coaching and/or playing
  • Individualistic play vs. cohesive team effort
  • Communication breakdowns

When you work with Evolveability, we’ll give you the tools to overcome all of these challenges and more, so you can see the results this season.


We use a holistic, strategic, person-centered approach to transform the mindset, culture, and leadership of high-performing athletic programs.


This approach is the fastest and most assured path to realizing your full and true potential: for your athletes as individuals and as a team, and for you and your staff as leaders. 


It is also the most joyful and fulfilling path to high performance.

How it works:

We’ll help you create the right environment for growth. An environment where your whole relationship to effort is instantly transformed. All the ingredients for winning become immediately available. And your definitions of success and failure are forever changed. 

This personalized process addresses your entire program as a living ecosystem.

Together we will:

  • Quickly identify and dismantle the most important roadblocks to success
  • Bring harmony to your program’s personal, relational, and technical systems
  • Foster a rapid and sustainable improvement in performance

This focus on wholeness creates an environment of genuine care and safety where athletes are free to take risks and push boundaries. In this space, transformation is accelerated. Breakthroughs are inevitable. And the results speak for themselves.

Who This Is For:

  • Coaches with a strong growth mindset who are willing to adapt and evolve with their team
  • Programs that are looking for an immediate competitive advantage
  • Environments that desire competitiveness and fulfillment (not just winning for winning’s sake)
  • Those with a willingness to try new approaches to solving long-standing issues


  • Being in flow more often
  • More coachable players
  • Sustainable resiliency for high-pressure competitions
  • Greater ability to help athletes and team access higher levels of talent
  • Distinct clarity around root of critical performance issues and tools to overcome
  • Disrupting staff, team, and player patterns that limit winning performances

Ways We Work With You

We Love Our Clients

Ways Our Clients Are Thriving:

  • Most wins in a season
  • Divisional championship wins
  • NCAA Sweet 16 appearances
  • 20+ individual athlete records broken
  • Most fun had by teams
  • Most joy experienced by Head Coaches
  • 100% of teams with a winning season when working with Evolveability
  • Record number of firsts: individual firsts, team firsts, program firsts, divisional firsts, championship firsts, and more
  • The commitment and dedication displayed by Sarah was unprecedented. She worked with a sense of urgency, regularly pushing me as a coach to look at myself as a leader. She helped me create an environment of increased trust and improved player confidence and resiliency. Our ability to play at the top of our game during competitive adversity is a direct and primary result of our work together.

    Amy R. Head Women's Basketball Coach, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • I was so nervous for three years. One two-hour meeting with Sarah and everything changed and I was playing with a lot more confidence.

    Abby J. Student-Athlete
  • Watching the team play when they are in flow is so beautiful! It reconnects me to my love of the game.

    Elizabeth M. Head Women's Soccer Coach, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Through this process I realized we can do anything we want, even in life, if we work hard, train our minds and connect to the part of us that wants it.

    Jessica G. Student-Athlete, All-Time Leading Scorer

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