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The highest performance doesn’t come from a place of relentless struggle and strain.
It comes from a place of wholeness and joy.

All our lives we’ve been told that high performance comes at a cost. And we’ve been warned that the cost is high. That it is about the grind, the hustle, the sacrifice; the fearless, relentless, single-minded pursuit of excellence. They said this was the only way.

They were wrong.
The real cost of high performance is care.

Make no mistake: Winning still takes grit. Stamina. And courage. It takes a lot of courage to care enough to win.

Caring this much requires vulnerability. It requires high tolerance for risk. It requires an environment where obstacles to success are identified, addressed, and shared openly and directly and without judgment. Where the athlete has been given the permission and opportunity to be fully themselves. Where it is safe to be fully present. Where it is safe to really, really care.

When the conditions are right, your team comes together as one. And winning isn’t something you do, it’s something you are.

At Evolveability, we know firsthand that the highest performance, the most incredible achievements, and the realization of our fullest potential doesn’t come from a place of relentless struggle and strain. 

It comes from a place of wholeness and joy.

It comes from a place of perfect flow, where we are totally present and exquisitely aware. It arrives in the moment where the edge of our skill meets the threshold of challenge and our talent is fully actualized.

It’s not magic.

It’s proven. It’s a repeatable, reliable process. And it’s something we do again and again for coaches and teams who are ready to win.

Meet the Team

Sarah Derrenbacher, Founder & CEO

There is a different way of achieving high performance — a way that doesn’t leave us feeling depleted and fatigued from the pressure to perform and instead can heighten our ability to go and grow beyond our limitations, bringing deeper meaning to our lives and skillful mastery of our craft.

Sarah is a leadership and performance strategist who advises, consults, and works hand-in-hand with entrepreneurs, executives, and sports teams in the areas of peak performance, leadership, organizational/team culture, and mindset.

Her expertise is in guiding leaders and coaches through high-risk/high-reward growth and development, accelerating breakthrough moments, transforming mindset and culture, and sustaining peak performance. Sarah has built her expertise over 18 years of experience consulting with a wide range of businesses, from small and mid-size to Fortune 500, and with athletic directors, head coaches, and athletes across multiple sports teams and divisions in university athletics. Sarah has helped facilitate 20+ new individual and program records across clients, multiple league championship appearances, multiple first-time bids to NCAAs, a NCAA Sweet 16 appearance, and continues to touch the lives of the many athletes, coaches, and executives she works with. When Sarah’s not providing strategies to strengthen performance, she’s helping clients identify with and connect more deeply to the fulfillment and joy in what they do.

Sarah is the creator of the Evolveability® Performance System. She is also a certified DISC behavioral analyst, a HeartMath Add Heart Facilitator, and a 10-year student of meditation and embodied inquiry practices.

Courtney Cooley, Director of Operations

Courtney’s extensive expertise has been built over 15+ years in process design, operations, project management, and finance. Her strategic and analytical approach to operational planning ensures efficiency and high-level client delivery.

Over the course of her career, Courtney has successfully led the development and launch of multiple knowledge-based initiatives within global organizations in the employee engagement, employee recognition, and HR software space. Her passion for research, creativity, and quality create an environment that is rich with insight.

Courtney’s high-level competence and depth of experience support the growth and development of Evolveability and our clients’ success.

Isa Peczuh, Community Program Manager

Isa is an advocate for social-emotional learning for children in secondary schools. Her skills and passion around this type of learning within education and sports environments helps to deepen a child’s connection to athletics while also deepening their mental well-being and confidence. She aims to cultivate the potential in each child she works with and believes that social-emotional learning opportunities can lead to personal and academic growth for all children.

As a graduate from Vassar College with a Bachelor of Arts in Education and Psychology, Isa was also a member and two-year captain on the women’s basketball team. Under her leadership, the team set multiple program records, including a 16-game winning streak and an at-large bid into the NCAA tournament.

Isa is deeply connected to her purpose around creating a more equitable and holistic education system for students of all identities and backgrounds, and looks forward to sharing the Evolveability programming with younger athletes and community partners.


Greta loves watching squirrels and birds. She excels in taking long walks and listening. And she always knows just what to say or do to cheer up the team.

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